Why do they hate me?

So it’s after the first semester and I’m back at my shcool I have a couple friends but it seems like a lot more people (girls) hate me today was my first day back and they gave me dirty looks all day…I hate fighting with people so this is really hard for me they call me slut and words like that though I haven’t anything to deserve it I’m starting to remember the reason I left shcool at the beginning of the year I want them to stop hating me for no reason I’m just a normal girl and it’s like every one hates me except my friends. I’ve done nothing to them I leave them alone and everything…I’s it my fault!!!???

Answer #1

No dont ever blame yourself for all the other girls out there. They are usually jelous because your better looking then they are. You know normal teenage things. And they pick on you because they see there own falts and they want to take it out on other people but dont show any signs of weakness. it just gives them a laugh. stick it in there girl be tough.

Answer #2

Its not your fault. They just cant feel good about themselves unless they put other people down or make other people feel bad about themselves. You should just try your best to act like it doesnt bug you and they should stop. If they dont then go to a teacher about it.

Answer #3

Its the same with me.Everyone but my friends hate me for no reason what-so-ever.Its just people being b*tches.Dont pay attention to them and youll be fine.Ignore their words

Answer #4

It’s not your fault, its just that you don’t fall into there category of preference. They probably have something against how you look or act or say. In the end you don’t need these people to like you thats what your friends are for right? If it bothers you a lot then your friends should be willing to stand up for you, thats just my opinion though.

Answer #5

well maybe they’re just jealous because your happy with who you are and they aren’t. be happy and confident with who you are and don’t listen to what they say, they don’t know what they’re talking about.

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