Why do some dogs eat their own poop?

why do some dogs eat their own poop?

Answer #1

Same reason they lick themselves - they’re dogs (aka animals).

Answer #2

your rabbit isnt eating poop … they produce these pellets that are some vitamin ( cant remember which one) t it the same with guinea pigs

Answer #3

It is called coprophagia. It is thought to have a couple possible causes, inprinting, puppy behavior that will be out grown, poor diet or poor nutrient absorption and a few medical conditions. Here is a sit that will give you some insight. http://www.sniksnak.com/doghealth/coprophagia.html

Answer #4

This to katiexdancer1228, when I was in school I remember learning that rabbits eat their poop for a reason. A rabbit’s intestine produces or secretes a vitamin or hormone or something that the rabbit needs, but it is produced so far down in the intestine that it can’t be reabsorbed, and so it is eliminated. In order to get that nutrient the rabbit has to eat the poop. It’s not all the poop. The ‘enriched’ poop is a different color, although whether the rabbit sees it or smells it I don’t know.

You are more than welcome to take this with a grain of salt. But I’m just saying that is what I remember.

Answer #5

Haha…wait it wouldn’t even be nutricious as I said… as it’s the waste.


Answer #6

I seriously have no idea..my dog doesn’t but my bunny does occasionally.

Answer #7

Haha mmm…

Nutricious and delicious??


Answer #8

Dogs eat there poop because of a lack of nutrition. It can also be a behavor issue.

Answer #9

that means their eating too much meat. ease off alittl on the meat products

Answer #10

My dog ate poop when he was a puppy. Naw he is older and I give him raw carrots to eat and he is just fine.

Answer #11

…even some DOGS like to recycle.

Answer #12

I don’t know why, but they do it, and it’s gross. I saw a dog eat another dog’s poop the other day. Double gross.

Answer #13

Maybe it smells like what they ate…ewww…I’m grossing myself out.

Answer #14

tastes like chicken?

Answer #15

It isnt getting enough nutrition! My dog use to eat his poop I asked my vet lol

Answer #16


Answer #17

my cat threw up once and my dog started eating it and I had to drag him away… YUCK !!!

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