Why do people ask dumb questions

Why do people on this website ask questions like what is your favorite color and do surveys and stuff. This is funadvice

Answer #1

I believe funadvice contains the word fun. And thats why they do it. They are bored and in need for some fun. Imagine how boring it would be to go on here without any fun questions!

Answer #2

maybe because its called “FUNadvice” and thats what you’re suppose to do

I mean why not not.


Answer #3

thats all they know to ask?

Answer #4

uhh mabe because they are bord or oh there it is FUN is the word im looking for + thats a dumb question also XD

Answer #5

because we are bored and a lot of people likes that kind of stuff.

Answer #6

because that is what you do when your bored

Answer #7

No question is dumb and who are you to judge?

Answer #8


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