Why do I wanna be close with him?

Okae there is thiss guy who is my ex we take and stuff as friends but I have developed a strong feeling for him for some reason but I have a girlfriend should I tell him about or just like get over it or what do I do people please help me out…?

Answer #1

If your bie, He probly wont mind=) and ask yourself why did you break up and think about it.make sure it was the right thing to do.if it was something stupid then you should consider him. but if he cheated on you or doesn’t care about you, he is not the man to make you happy.

Answer #2

Well I think if you and your girlfriend are happy then why go back to what used to be, are you guys happy? What is making these feelings for him come back?

Answer #3

If you like him more than your girlfriend. . . Don’t stay with her, it’s not fair for either of you. If you like your girlfriend more, then just ignore it.

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