Why do i wake up with random quarter sized bruises?

Sometimes when I wake up in the morning, I have random bruises. I don't bump into things and wouldn't really be able to in the places I get them. I looked up the signs of leukemia, and I have most of the symptoms, but my bruises aren't very large, they are quarter sized (sometimes bigger). I was wondering if anyone knew before I go to my doctor.

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Sometimes people react to dreams and accidentally make bruises themselves, so maybe that's how you are

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it could be those things above but I would go to the doctor just to make sure. or if you dont wanna. you could poke yourself really hard "not hard enough to normally get a bruise" and see if theres a bruise the next day before my mom was diagnosed we barely poked her and she bruised.

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maybe you punch yourself by accident. I could be from any weird dreams you have. has that been happening? but maybe you should ask your doctor

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