why do I think my girlfriend cheated on me (help please)?

okay befor you answer keep in mind this is my second relationship 1st one ended in my girl cheating so im sorta a nerotic

okay so my girl is a senior in high school I am a college freshmen, were going out for 7 months and it was great till this weekend. She does stage crew for a play, and she met new friends such as the kids in the cast, most of them guys. Now I have no problem with this idc since most of them are a year younger. or 2 years no1 her age or older. She always makes fun of her friend that guys date down girls date up because shes going out with a younger boy.

now last sat was opening night so after the play they went to a party with her new friends, I pick her up around 1 am and things are great, shes all lovey dovey kissing me and such. then sunday rolls around she gos to the play, then out to eat with these kids, I call her to ask if she needs a ride home because I wasnt sure since I havnt herd from her all day she freaked out how shes out and shell call me later. so when she gets home I never recive a call so I call her and it didnt go well. the next day she gets home from school so I im her just to see how shes doing. I know somethign is wrong it just doesnt feel right this isnt our ordinary fight this is much more. so finally I get it out of her she tells me I need to chill because im all in her stuff and she told me to not talk to her for a week or she will break up with me. now I know we both sufficate eachother because we hangout mostly every day but I always say if you dont want to hangout we dont have to but she always says no no I wanna. now she goes to cheerleading so I write her a note and get her flowers bring them to her house befor she gets home.

she gets home and I IM her tellign her its the last time I will talk to her just because I need answers.

this is what I sent her

I care about you so much you have no idea I just want you 2 read the note

I understand im smothering you but I’ve been trying to tell you that if you dont want to see me you dont have to just tell me like you did hey mike I need some time just chill I have no problem at all with that because I completly understand but thats the thing you need to tell me these things because then I get so scared because I don’t know whats wrong or if I did something or that you dont like me anymore or anything. I was upset today becvause ididnt know what was wrong I knew something was up I just didnt know what.

I care about you so much I love you so much I wanna be with you but I respect your space and your decisions but if you dont tell me hey mike I need space for a week or I dont wanna see you for a week I wont know this so I cant do it. all im asking if you need space to elt me know. you were acting wierd yesterday and today like satnight you were fine with me and stuff I got nervous that you maybe found someone else or something I would like if you called me every once in awhile, while I give you space but thats your choice

you dont know how happy you made me by telling the this

now if you could possibly anwer this so iknow you read it that will be fantastic

I also asked her 2 questions 1, are we on a break can you HU with other kids even thou I wont

and 2. will you call me at all this week?

she answer I never said that your crazy so im assuming this means she wont cheat on me but this is what bother me

hints to her cheating, why all of a sudden would she be like hmm I dont wanan talk 2 you for a week afetr she met these kids

2, she never accepts me ask a a social site boyfriend but yet she accepted this kid as a a social site husband?

  1. and she joined a group saying staying faithful in my relationship and someone commented on it saying is this a joke (the person commented on it did in fact cheat on her boyf)

please help I don’t know if its just a phase where she needs a space or infact does she feel guilty and not wanna see me

Answer #1

that is so horrible you are going thru this but dude seriously chill. usually girls that are like that havent been out in a while haha its her senior year she probly thinks she wil have plenty of time to hang out wth you in college so just let her have fun give her space thn next week or so ask her to do something, but tell her she can bring her friends. maybe youll like them 2.. hope this helps!!! :] best of luck!

Answer #2

I’m so sorry you seem like an amazing guy an from what it sounds like is there could be some one else an it’s not fair to you. Try being forward with her an see what’s going on. Belive me I went through the exact same thing so I know it’s rough If you want emaile on here well funmail lol. Hope it helps an if you need you have an online friend who went through the same thing

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