Why do I think it's weird to think Jimmy Page is hot?

Yeah. I think Jimmy Page is hot, but I also think it’s kind of weird to think he is. Give me your opinions, people. I want them… really bad.

Answer #1

it is just weird for you hun because all of your friends probably think its weird…right… You have your opinons and should not base them on other peoples perspectives of people… if you know what I mean

Answer #2

personally you can fall in love with anybody you wantwether it is somebody badlooking to you but that ther person thinks he is so hot people have different tastes :D x

Answer #3

It’s not weird to think Jimmy Page is hot, well, in my opinion, it’s not. If you think he’s hot, it means you’re normal.

Answer #4

oh god tell me about it…I like robert plants hair though…snuggle my face in it

Answer #5

well… lol

I personally dont but as above if you do theres nothing wrong with it.

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