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Why do I see stars when I do this and get blurry vision?

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so I like to dance free style. and when I do some break dancing moves my eyes get all blurry when I come back up from the ground.
like one of moves is I jump head first to the ground, do a hand stand basically, then I go down like I'm doing 'the worm' and I continue doing the worm and I jump back up. and when I jump back up I see a bunch of spots in my eyes and I get all light headed.
what can I do to prevent this?
I love practicing my dance moves because it's really fun to just make stuff up, but I'm scared that if I continue it, I might hurt myself. because maybe the spots are a warning that I'm hurting myself or something..? ugh, I don't know.
so yeah, why do my eyes do that and how can I prevent it but still dance?