Why do I keep seeing his name?

Theres this guy I started to like a long time ago. Eventually, I came to the conclusion that nothing would happen. I forgot about him for many months until I kept seeing/hearing his name everywhere.

Just today: -I was walking, for a strange reason I decided to look down. I saw his first names initial spray painted on the concrete in large letters. -I watched a movie and the lead actor’s name was the same as the guy -Doing some research: his name appeared as an important figure -Was shopping, heard some lady yelling out his name (wasn’t him though) -Saw a TV commercial with his name

What do you guys think?

I already have an amazing boyfriend. The guy also has his girlfriend. So why do I keep seeing his name? Any comments? Thanks.

Answer #1

You’re paranoid. You put meaning to otherwise meaningless coincidences. If you Google his name and all the search results come up with links with his name, will you freak out too? Please, coincidences are coincidences, forget about it.

You have a boyfriend anyway, no need to obsess about a past crush just because you see his first name in places you look. If it included his last name too, then at least there would be something more substantial.

Answer #2

Something has triggered your mind to think about him… and after it started it starts looking for things like the initials… My advice don’t think about it to much. Your not looking for a boyfriend… but hey, maybe you just really want to be friends… if it feels right maybe comment him, text him or email him, just say hi… been thinking bout you wanted to see how you’ve been.

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