Why do i keep getting stomach pains after sex? am i pregnant?

I had sex 3 days ago and I keep getting stomach pains in my lower belly, bellow by bellybutton. and I honestly dont think I look pregnant, because im really skinny so I would be able to tell, but I just feel when I flex my stomach right by my left and right hip bones I feel like its alittle thicker around those areas, like maybe its growing. and im just scared that im getting pregnant, or am I just worrying too much about this? someone please help me. I cant get pregnant im 15 :(

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Stop having sex. The last thing this world needs is another screwed up child because their parent didnt know anything about sex.

And we DONT KNOW if you're pregnant. Go to a doctor to find out why you're having these pains.

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meaby he is going to fast you are too tight, meaby he is too big? If it keeps hurting then a doctor would be a good idea... Take a test and see what happens, I mean you should also see the consequences when having sex...


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STOP having sex, you obviously have NO IDEA how it works or what you are doing.

Go read up on sex, you SHOULD KNOW that you can't tell or feel pregnancy symptoms after only 3 days of having sex. Symptoms only start showing after about a month.

The best thing would be to take a test 2-3 weeks after having unprotected sex.

And please, USE BIRTH CONTROL and condoms. You can get them free and planned parenthood or any government clinic.

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im having the same sympotons.. so I know how your feeling!

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he went in to wrong and hit your cervix hurts like a mofo doesnt it
and just beacause your 15 doesnt mean you cant get pregnat

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i am 2 days late, what could this mean

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