Why do I have this... Feeling?

Hey I have this pressing question so ill give you the details… Awhile back I met a nice boy in school he became my friends and by that I dont meant were gay together no I meant friends and well when ever I see him because im not exactly the perfect person and neither is he but he just seems so much better than me and I always wish I could look like him but theres a sub consious feeling that says that im not stupid or ugly or fat ot ever be like him. So guys can you tell me why does this happen why do we wish we were who we arent and in our own mind s why are they better than ourselves??? And have you ever had a day were you wish you were someone else other than your self.

Answer #1

Well I think its human nature to look at others and then see waht they have that we dont have. We often look at others and then compare ourselves to them, do they get higher marks than us? are they prettier? better looking? taller? skinnier? we always want what we cant have. And we are always inclined to feel we need to be perfect which none of us ever are. And yes I constantly wish I were better and not me. I see other girls who have perfect skin and wish I had no acne, or girls who are skinnier or prettier hair. ANd I wish I could control my temper better. But what I dont seem to remember is that they arent perfect either each person has their own strenghts and faults and we should just be happy with waht we have.

Answer #2

thx a lot it helped I see now :) :) ;) triple smiley

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