Why do I have these feelings?

I’m a straight girl, who got drunk with my friend (who’s a lesbian.) one night. We got pretty touchy after awhile and started kissing, then she fingered me and I fingered her. I’d always wanted to experiment with her, even when I was sober. Does that make me bisexual? Or a lesbian? I can’t get her out of my head either. I keep thinking about her and that night..

Answer #1

Ok well im bi/bi curious my opinion I think your bi you say you were straight that your first time experimenting your les if you only like girls and not guys I’m taking guess here you can’t just be straight then les I think first bi curious. then bi then les and so on so for so I think your bi curious and your going crazy because of your hormones being bi/bi curious isn’t all about sex it’s about relationships 2

Answer #2

im a lesbian and I just luv likin pussy and fingerin peeple and im 13 me and my best friend got really drunk and watched porn the copied them. I thought I was straight but I feel good when im with her ad I finger myself all night going crazy over her so I think ure a lesbian

Answer #3

You might just be bicurious.

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