Is this much discharge normal?

I have quiet a lot of discharge. During the day I think I produce something like a teaspoon. It's basically see through and only sometimes white. I'v had this since I was about 14 and I am 18 now. Is this too much or is this maybe normal for my body? What does it mean though?

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Discharge is normal. Some women make a lot of it. Some make so much that they wear a pantyliner, wear two pairs of underwear at a time, or change their underwear a couple of times a day. Other women just make a little bit.

If your discharge is clear or white, that is normal. It's also normal to notice your discharge change color or texture throughout the month. Discharge may be tacky, watery, or stringy like egg whites.

If you notice your discharge is ever frothy, green, very stinky, or very clumpy like cottage cheese, then talk to your ob-gyn about it as those can be signs of infections.

Discharge is how the v*gina keeps itself clean. Discharge flushes any bad stuff out. It also acts as a lubricant during s*x, so you're likely to notice more of it when you are in the mood.

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