Why do i get random boners in class?

K so I get random boners most of the time and well yesterday I did and some girls saw it... Yeah its not small or anything but it's still embarrasing knowing that someone saw your boner. So how cann I prevent it? Should I like take pee brakes before every period or something? I'm in junior high so yah..

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Its normal to have a boner and trying to stop it won't do you any good. Random erections are very common in men and they don't disappear as you get older. The erections lessen in frequency. If you're having any sort of sexual thoughts then try to stay away from those, these thoughts can give your penis a queue to go ''up''. Also, if it does happen in class then try to ''adjust'' yourself and think of something really disgusting so that way it can go away.

On the other hand, if this turns out to be a real issue in class. Try to tell your teacher whats going on. She'll understand whats going on with you. As for keeping it hidden, its best to do things that occupy your thoughts and the rest of your body. Keeping yourself occupied usually works to stop an erection (works for me at least). Other then that, having random erections is normal and healthy -- embarrassing at times but it shows that your growing normally. I forgot to mention, the reason that your having random erections is because your going through puberty and your hormones are going crazy telling your body to speed up growth.

Hope this helps.

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This is what I think...When yuo get an erection put your penis in your belt. thus making it nearly invisible.

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If your asking why he is having a boner in class, guys can't control when they have an erection. It just happens when your brain sends a message to get the blood flowing in the guys member. It can be quite embarrassing for some guys because its very noticeable and they have no control over it. This usually gives other people the idea that this guy is either a perv or a sex addict. The people that make these assumptions aren't educated about male genitalia. If you look a bit more into the male anatomy you'll understand why it can be a bit problematic for guys.

Hope this helps.

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I'm a girl, But I've heard it will get easier to control over time. In the mean time just learn to cover it with your school bag, tshirt or a wall...

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One way to keep people from noticing is just try and keep your baggy sweatshirt over it. Also learn to control it with your mind. Eventually you can.

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umm okay well obviously your a guy (im a gal) but uuhhh...im in junior high too, but I dont see why your doing that?!?!

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