Why do I feel too tall??

I’m 15 and today I was measured and they told me I was 5’6 but I had to keep my shoes on for some reason so I’m actually about 5’5. Is that to tall?? I feel to tall because most of my friends are shorter than me. Why do I feel like a giant?? Am I too tall to wear heels??

Answer #1

wear cute flats instead of heals. And drink coffee, but trust me your not that tall. I’ve known taller

Answer #2

No your not that tall im 14 and im 5,3 almost 5,4 maybe your friends are just short :) some people in my year who are 14 and 15 are 5,9 It doesnt really matter. x

Answer #3

I wish I was taller… I’m only 5ft 6in. Just a few inches though.

Answer #4

your not that tall =]]] im not 15 yett and I just hit 5’9 1/2 =]]

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