Why do I feel so much resentment towards my mom?

My mom has been drinking since we were younger. My dad left her because of it. I now have a job and I support myself I am only 15 years old and I’ve been feeling alone I’ve been so angry with everybody and everything I barely open up to people and they think that when I do im just being selfish my mom favors my older sister iver me with her boyfriend im always left in the dust. My mom barley talks to me and when she does it seems like she has to force a smile. I feel like im alone I talk to my aunt and grandmother but that didnt help much because all they did was call my mom and made her write a pointless letter to me explaining only what made them look better in the situation my mom has no job but receives unemployment checks and child support checks that we never get to see. I work at a hair salon and my sister works at burger king I make more money than my sister and they expect me to hand it all over to them. I got a job for me im only 15! Im not a grown ass woman who has to pay bills before my job my mom never gave me money now that I make my own she just wants me to give it all to my sister for gas because she takes me to work everyday that is 20 minutes away its so much more to it somebody help me!!!

Answer #1

I went through the same exact thing. My Mother did the same exact things. I know how you feel. Maybe you could move in with your father or just talk to a counselor. That is what I did and im not living happily with my fater. The thing is to tell somebody that can help you.

Answer #2

hold in there I’m ganna be 14 and take care of my sick mom and brother go to school have the home reponsibilities and I also work ofter school as a aby siter that way I can have money and still be taking care of my sick mom and dad, my dad never comes home and when he does he comes and hits me and my mom. But I still hang on and there is things that I can’t even mention.

Life gets perty hard but if you do believe in a god or jesus know that he dosent give us anathing we can’t handle. And sometimes when things seem like they are coming to an end know what you want for yourself and get trought thrm and let them make you a stronger pearson. I know so manny times you feel like you want to give up.

I myself have felt that and I get moddy I because people off I give adittudes because of all the presure but you know what gets me triugh it? I sit down and think and say, I’m going to get trough this mauntain and when I overcome it it’s going to feel great. I have wanted myself to call CPS because I want this all t end but I hold myself back and say NO!!! I’m a strong pearson. Because recenty I just learned that When you have something going on in your life whne you are yung and have so manny pressure on you shoulders you becoma a hero! No matter what!!

Know if things get really complicated at home call CPS or a hotline so you can talk.

www.newhopenow.com is a great advice chat that really help you get trough tough situations in your life, trough hope! If you want to talk fun mail me, I know I’m yunger than you but I also have went trugh a lot and meaby I can help you a lottle bit!!

Answer #3

Wow I am feeling the same way like you except that I am much older than you. I was left in my grandparents care when I was 2 months old. My dad died, my mom went overseas and get married again. She was a drunkard, bad temper, resenting, everything that your mom has…four years ago I got a job overseas in the same country where she’s living…she expected me to give my salary to her and for my half brothers because at that time her husband left her… I said f*ck off!! It doesn’t make us bad daughters if we declined. You maybe young, make sure you save something for yourself so you have something when you decide to be on your own especially when you turn 18 or in years to go by and you decide to be independent. Like you I worked in a very young age in a grocery store. I was a scholar because I had good grades back in highschool and college…I was never affected then because all in my mind is I’m going to get a degree and let momma show what daughter she abandoned…I got myself a job and stood up on my own…and now she expected me to help her??? LOL funny… but the last post was right…you gotta trust in God and His plans.. I do…I cannot make it on my own…everynight I got a prayer time to report to God about my day and it felt better. I cry in front of him, I talk to him when I am alone and like a miracle I feel better even without a company… If it’s not working for you being there in your mom’s house…find a job somewhere far… but of course timing is the best thing…wait for the right time…

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