Why do I feel like this!?

Ok this is a little bit of a long story but bear with me.

Two years ago I met a guy at school and we hit it off as friends at First. He was a senior and I was freshman. We met at the homecoming bon fire And we found out we had study hall together so after we found that out we started talking practically everyday for that semester but just in study hall. Then we switched classes just to change study halls and different courses. But right at the end of the last semester we signed each others yearbook, and me being me and him being him we both forgot to exchange phone numbers so we lost contact for about a year. Now here comes the freaky part. We regained contact just this year at the homecoming game and after that day we have been meeting randomly at unexpected times every few Months.the first time was obviously at the football game where we talked for About and hour and a half remembering to exchange phone numbers this time Haha. The second time was in a random parking lot where I was shopping for something and I was just getting into the car when his car pulls up. The third time was on st. Patrick’s day this year I was walking home and he Was driving around town and he saw me. I dont have the slightest clue as to How he saw me he must have perfect 20/20 vision or something. But something happened the third time we randomly met. I accidentally kissed him on the cheek. And I didn’t apologize for it! I have never Ever kissed anyone of my guy friends I usually just give them a hug and that Is that. And he didn’t ask why I did it. And to be honest with you guys I Dont know why I did it! I just kinda did it without thinking twice about It. So later on we were talking about how we just meet each other randomly And he said that maybe its some type of omen or something. And right now at/> This point I am thinking no not you too!!! Because that was what my mom was saying for weeks on end. At first I didn’t want to admit that it Could be an omenbut now im starting to think that maybe it is after randomlymeeting in public places three times. And I think I possibly started something after I kissed him becasuse he Was never really flirty with me before. I mean he doesn’t go all out and Make every sentence a flirt but he does drop them in every once and a while. For example on st. Patrick’s day he said that if anything good should happen To me I should call him so something good can happen to him too! And now I think I am really hardcore crushing on him now! He is a Different type of guy he is sincere, funny, crazy, extremly talkative and hardworking. And when we talk it usually lasts for about an hour and a Half just talking about stuff. I really really really really want to pursue Him but im afraid I may end up ruining a good friendship with him. When I amwith him even if its only for five minutes he makes me feel different. I dont know how to explain it but its a good different feeling that is Almost like a high for me.

Can someone explain any of this?

Answer #1

if you really like him this much, ask him out. You wont ruin anything unless you dwell on it and make it awkward. The worst that can happen is that you will hve an awkward memory, but think about what you would be gaining

Answer #2

the problem is I have no idea what in the world im feeling lol. I think I do, and we would if he wasnt so busy. but thats what summer vacation is for right? :)

Answer #3

so wats the problem? Do you have a crush on him? I think you do’ I say you should hang out more and see where things go.

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