Why do I feel like I have to pee?

When me and my boyfriend have sex, right towards the end I feel like I have to pee. Why do I get that feeling?

Answer #1

“Correlation” just means when one event is related to another event but not necessarily caused by it.

There’s two common reasons for feeling like you need to pee during and after sex.

  1. You really do need to pee. Your bladder sits right in front of your vagina, so your boyfriend is putting a bit of pressure on it during sex. Make sure you go to the bathroom beforehand, and if you still feel like you need to pee, then it’s probably…

  2. Your boyfriend is hitting your G-spot. There’s three main types of orgasm a woman can have (which always seemed a bit unfair, but then, we get to pee standing up, so…), the clitoral, the vaginal, and the G-spot orgasm. The G-spot orgasm is often incredibly intense, and the contracting of your muscles leading up to it can put squeeze your bladder and stimulate your urethra, leading to that I-have-to-pee feeling. You might feel like you want to stop at that point, but if you keep going, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. G-spot orgasms are usually decribed with words like “earth-shattering.”

Answer #2

if I hurts when you pee after sex you might have a sexuly transmited infection and will have 2 go c your gp asap… hope I helped

Answer #3

Many women experience a sensation akin to needing to urinate when they approach orgasm. Have you noticed a correlation? Does the feeling go away after orgasm?

Answer #4

There’s a chance that if you are indeed heading for a G-spot O, you could also be heading for female ejaculation, which sometimes happens when the G-spot is stimulated. So while you might not end up peeing on him, he might be getting wet all the same. Female ejaculation is often so surprising and unexpected, many people assume that they DID accidentally pee on their S.O., especially since the amount of liquid involved can be quite great (although it’s usually only a few drops or so).

Not being a girl myself, I of course don’t know exactly what feeling your describing, but from all I’ve heard, I think you’re pretty safe in just letting go.

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