Why do i feel like crying?

Well I had like this boy since were in yr8 and were know in yr9 and since that we got very close ( lets give him a name bob ) and he used to flirt with me and I loved him so much! But he dint wna go out with me... And then after new years, we came back to school and he was all over my bestfriend ( lets give her a name mia ) who had like him through years but not as much as I did as she liked other people but anyway back after new years he was all over her center of attention rather then me &+ we had a week off with valentime day on it and I had been chatting to another boy ( lets give a name carl ) who makes me laugh so much! And I started to like him
And we go together then couple days he dumped me.. Back at school bob was all over mia still and I hate bob and I like carl who I had just been out with and I still do! &+ know mia and the bob go out... With part of my help aswell , but im feeling jelous slighty I waited 2 years full love and got none in return im gutterd and feel lonley and I think im falling for bob again when he shouts for me rnd my window, and I still love carl but I wont ever go back to falling deepley in love with bob he had hurt me loads of times in the past, but bob the one I loved most and I feel like crying but why ? I dont get it

I starting to think I dont like any boys in confuessed?
Why do I feel like crying :(

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You're crying because everything you worked so hard for has been for naught. Best thing to do is to move on and quit worrying about guys and companions and everything else. Most of the time whenever you are not looking for someone, someone finds you. Focus on life instead of trying to find a man. Let the guys go because apparently they let you go already.

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