Why do I feel like a balloon?

Hi, My stomach feels bloated. At first I thought it’s because I haven’t been working out much for the past couple weeks but now I’ve been biking for 30 minutes everyday and it’s still like that! When I flex my stomach muscles, my tummy goes flat and there’s barely any flab but when I don’t its all round and big. Why is it like that? Is there too much gas? How can I get rid of it?

Answer #1

as far as im aware and im not 100% but bike riding isnt really for toning a stomach…

does it hurt if you press it in?

are you constipatid?

start eating more fruit and veg, pasta, brown rice, jacket potatoes and stuff like this…

do a high fiber diet for a week and see it that helps… I think it might :)

and rememebr loads of water a day…

Answer #2

It could be PMS or your just retaining water.

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