Why do i feel dizzy while on my period?

my period just started yesterday and when I came home I notice that I felt a little dizzy. it went away but right now, I feel lightheaded and very dizzy. My brother sai that im probably dehydrated but im still unsure. im 13 and really worried. PLEASE ANSWER BACK IMMEDIATLY!!!

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It could also be anemia which is lack of iron (or decreased iron) in the blood. People who are anemic usually have these symptoms during there periods.

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different people react in different ways while they're having their period. I know of some people that feel sick for days. Can you talk to your mum about it at all? maybe she can reasure you. Sometimes if your're really stressed out about things that can make you feel sick. Have you eaten at all today? maybe have a piece of toast and a cup of tea, that might help a little.

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dont panic, when your having your period you can often feel light-headed, dizzy, headachey, get bad stomach cramps, feel moody. Its totally normal and you will feel normal again soon. Its just your hormones and every female has many different symptoms leading up to and during their period. Just eat healthy drink lots of water and you'll be fine. :)

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I also feel nausous and im on the couch feeling ready to throe\w up.
is that normal too?

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