Why do i continue gaining weight?

I usually have a flat stomache. I havent changed my eating habits and I dont exersize very often. This suprisingly has kept my weight balanced. Recently I've noticed I've been gaining weight. My once flat stomache is now a buldge, not just a slight one either, a few pounds I've gained in the last couple days. Why is this or what could this be from?

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but the thing is I havent changed my eating habits, they are fine and my exersize is fine to. my regular eating and such has kept me at a balanced weight for the last few years. but just out of randomness I started gaining with the same eating habits. and no I am not near my period lol

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u should do some exercise. somethin like a 3 mile run in under 30 minutes daily. do some biking for an hour. and its not just about how much you eat, its about what you eat. cut out all fast food, especially mcdonalds crap. learn to make those meals you eat at expensive restraunts at your home, nice healthy high quality food.

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No processed foods or sodas or bread. I cut out anything that was not grown, or wasn't a meat that was not cooked that I had to prepare myself. I drink water now insted of soda and started working out. I have lost 6 pounds the past 4 days. My teen seen this and she has supported me and started doing this also she says it was hard to give up things and she felt hopeless in the grocery store. She said there is so much already made packaged items she loves to eat. But knows they are not going to make her loose the weight she wants to get rid of. Its worth the results so we are going to keep eating well and exercising. I hope you get the results you want. :)

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You could be retaining water, are you near your period?

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