Why do I bleed while having sex with my boyfriend?

Recently every time I have been having sex or been fingered by my boyfriend I’ve been bleeding…it’s not every single time, but I think its when he goes really deep…sometimes it’s not a lot of blood and the last time it was quite a bit…I dont know why this is happening becuase it doesnt hurt at all and it randomly happens…if you have any suggestions please let me know

Thanks :]

Answer #1

yes you can by hosre back riding but a dick can do it

Answer #2

thank you, you helped a lot ;] ohkayy so how do I break it?? can I do it on my own?

Answer #3

you keep breaking your hymen little by little and every time you break it a bit more just break it your whole hymen it will hurt for about 2 minutes then after it wont hurt anymore :) hope I helped

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