Why do I black out when I start my period?

For me I get it the moment I start mine.. I get dizzy the I black out.. And then I pass out.. I have been in the shower and had it happen to me.. And been at the store. There was a time I passed out and split my top lip open. So it gets bad.

There has been a time I was at school when I was 16 when this happen to me I got dizzy I blacked out but then I past out.. But after I passed out I couldnt see for a few hours. This stuff really scares me.. I never know what I could be doning when it hits.

Why does this happen?

Answer #1

I am really sorry to hear that. but it could be excessive bleeding. blood loss during menses leads to what is call anemia or low blood count. The brain compensates by shutting down the body to prevent ischemia ( lack of oxygen). Maybe you may want to take some iron pill but my best advice is to see a doc and get some testing done.

Answer #2

omg so sorry for you you should see a docter

Answer #3

thats what my friend gets on her first day of her period

Answer #4

could be due to Menorrhagia

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