Why do horses throw you off?

my friend got thrown off by her horse, & I was thinkin why do horses throw people off, I thought they were nice; I have riddin like 6 horses & havent been thrown off yet=)

Answer #1

Horses are in general ‘Gentle Giants’ but they do have a mind of their own, They’re just like humans, if they really don’t want to do something, you’ll have a hard time getting them to do it. Some Horses are vicious - mainly from poor treatment or fear, but in general horses ‘buck’ their rider off if they are sore or get a fright.

Answer #2

they might be spooked or something and jump. they might also just be uncomfortable or feel threatened. I’ve gotten thrown off because my horse didnt like the other horse so close to her.

Answer #3

Well I wouldn’t want over 100lbs riding on my back either. :)

Answer #4

only if you cant hang on

Answer #5

Pain…fear…ornery…or feeling REALLY good!

and they only throw off people who can’t hang on…


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