Why do guys like to watch girls fingering them self?

Why do guys like watching girls finger them selfs. Personally I think its nasty but other girls enjoy doing it, I've never fingered myself before but have had thoughts bout doing it, but I cant stand the thought of doing it to myself so why do guys like watching girls fingering them self?

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Well I dont think its something I want to google tbh im still not to interested on doing it to myself atm I dont think its great when I have it done to me so can see it being great doing it to myself thanks for your help though.

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I feel the same way!! I dont know how girls could do that and just let their guy watch!! I mean my boyfriend does it to me, but I dont know how to do it to myself...I think it would be nasty to have an audience. well anyways, there was someone up there who said to google it, you should do that-just to learn about yourself a little more. it helps in any aspect of a physical relationship.

good luck :)

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Aaa HELLO what is better and more exciting than to watch a girl be confident, be able to please herself, and knows what she wants!!

If you have not masturbated yet, I'd advise you to start. It's the best way a women can figure her self out honestly. I personally get off more with clit stimulation, than fingering. But it also took me awhile to figure out how to do it right, to the point now when I do it I reach intence orgasims!

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oh why r you doing this ia here just send me message I willbe there dont worry baby I have somthing for u

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I suppose everyone deals with it differently I think I will google it at some point. I just dont understand why they like watchin a doin it only once has it done somethin for me so I think its boring tbh.

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My boyfriend and me masturbate for each other all the time. Its the best way to show him what I like and how to give me really good orgasms. I have been masturbating since I was small and have a lot of things I like I would rather him just watch instead of telling him. I like to watch him masturbate too, its so hot when he has an orgasm!

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well, being a guy, watchin a female finger themself iis liike an adventure. yu see thingsz yu mite not see iin every female. mii personally, doesnt matter 2 mii iif a female iis fingering themself or iif iim fingering them,,iin the end iitsz pretty much sex

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Well just to end it off, sticking a finger strait in does nothing! You have to put your finger in and rub the area in which your G-spot is. It is very sensitve and it the most amazing feeling.

Waiting untill your ready is perfectly fine:)

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Your saying to start doing it, it would feel weird and not right to me I've had it done to me on more than one occasion but if I was to do it to myself I wouldnt even no were to start.

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Because it's sexy, erotic, and something that is seen as a private moment that is not meant to be seen.

I enjoy watching it and also masterbating in front of my fiance - he finds it attractive and it turns me on to know he is watching.

It can be seen as taboo also, which is a turn on to most people.

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Look for your G Spot (spongy feeling spot inside on the top wall) but also rubbing your clit can give you a quicker, better orgasm. It took me a minute to figure out how to get the clit rubbed right, but now its awesome. I have never been with a guy that was turned off by it, actually they got way more turned on. When you are by yourself, no one can see you or think you are "nasty". So bottom line- try the clit thing, and maybe that wont be so nasty to you, and it actually feels better.

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Google it, it would be much easier to find pictures on where parts are, and what to do than for me to explain. It won't be amazing the first couple of times. It takes time to figure yourself out, what feels best, what gets you off. Everyone if differnt. Some girls are a lot more sensitive down there, than others. Some can come very easy, where as other can't at all. You'll figure it out, and once you do you will have more confidence in yourself, and truly know what you want:)

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I have never done it too,I think its nasty

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