Why do guys?

Why do guys like to suck on girls breasts and how do you give a blow job?

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Well some girls like it when guys suck on their boobs, because the nipples have sensitive nerves, so it feels good. I like it when my boyfriend sucks on them ;] & a BJ is when a girl [or guy!] basically sucks & licks some guys dick, maybe even throw in a few hand jobs ;D

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In all honesty, Just seeing boobs can turn a guy on but I'm not sure why a guy would progress to sucking the boob. lol. I wouldn't unless my girlfriend asks me to. a BJ is basically where you go up and down with a penis in your mouth and sucking it at the same time, I know, weird. I personally find it gross but that's me.

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it turns some girls on. not me but some...

I've never given a bj sorry...

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