Why do girls always look at me with scared expressions

I am a young male and for a few years now I have constantly been getting wierd looks from girls, particularly from girls I don't know. I just can't understand the meaning of it.
For eg. I walked into a pub last week and the barmaid just stared at me. I looked away for a few secs and looked back and she was still staring at me. So I say, "What's Up," to her and she just gives me an even wierder look. At that point the barman came over and interrupted the wierd situatuion to ask me what I want.

Why did she do that!!!

I belive I'm a normal dude with a lot of friends both male and female, but I have never had a girlfriend.
I don't belive I get these looks due to the reason that girls find me attractive as they very rarley look and smile. Their looks are usually coupled with a sort of scared expression.
I have also been told by numerous frinds that I look like a 'Nutcase' 'scary' and 'crazy' and for eg. I was told that I looked like the 'devil' by three indipendant girls that I asked for a dance when on holiday in KOS. NO JOKE - The DEVIL???

However, I am a kind, sensitive, funny person and all my friend know this.

Can you please help.

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lol aww poor you. Perhaps you can try hanging out and going places with your friends more. At least other people will get an idea of your real character from the friends you hang out with. Your friends can even talk you up in bars and stuff to help break the ice to other people. You can even be humorous about the situation and say stuff like, "Don't worry, I don't bite, really" to concerned-looking people or even wear a t-shirt with funny slogans (towards your situation or just funny in general) so that people can at least get the idea that you're funny.

Or you can audition for hellish roles in films and stuff... the ladies love a celebrity :P

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Well if some of your friends are saying that you look scary and all and they are your friends they are more than likely telling you the truth. Even tho you can be the nicest guy in the world looks do mean a lot. Try to put yourself in that girls shoes, if a "scary"
girl walked up to you what would you think? Maybe you could try changing your apprearance slightly, doyou want people to look at you that way? and think of you that way? I dont care what people say the first impression is important.

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the question is are you fugly or ugly?

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