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Why do girls always look at me with scared expressions

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I am a young male and for a few years now I have constantly been getting wierd looks from girls, particularly from girls I don't know. I just can't understand the meaning of it.
For eg. I walked into a pub last week and the barmaid just stared at me. I looked away for a few secs and looked back and she was still staring at me. So I say, "What's Up," to her and she just gives me an even wierder look. At that point the barman came over and interrupted the wierd situatuion to ask me what I want.

Why did she do that!!!

I belive I'm a normal dude with a lot of friends both male and female, but I have never had a girlfriend.
I don't belive I get these looks due to the reason that girls find me attractive as they very rarley look and smile. Their looks are usually coupled with a sort of scared expression.
I have also been told by numerous frinds that I look like a 'Nutcase' 'scary' and 'crazy' and for eg. I was told that I looked like the 'devil' by three indipendant girls that I asked for a dance when on holiday in KOS. NO JOKE - The DEVIL???

However, I am a kind, sensitive, funny person and all my friend know this.

Can you please help.