why do boys get ... why do girls get...

why do girls get called a slag for havin sex and boys get high fives for it x x x

Answer #1

It would seem like it would be so simple to say that ANYONE(boy or girl) who has sex all willy-nilly is a harlet. But, no. It only seems bad if a girl does it. :( I know a guy who has had sex with all kinds of girls and even brags about it. Why doesn’t this seem slaggy? Because he’s a guy? Because he’s not on the receiving end?

I don’t think a woman should be called a harlet for having sex with a man. To (most) women, sex is something that is meant to be an emotional bond. Yes, sex is pleasurable, but so many things can run through a woman’s mind: “I am sharing something with someone I trust and love”, “He must really love me”. But when that woman finds out that the man was only looking for physical satisfacation, it can lead a huge, emotional and mental burden on a woman. She now has part of that man in her and she can’t let it go. So, if women seek sex for emotional support, why is that trashy (and yes, I know there are some women who seek sex for the pleasure)?

To men (mainly around 14-early twenties), sex is self gratifying, and physical pleasure. It is probably more different that a man can’t feel that emotional bond because he’s the one doing the inserting. If he WERE having sex for the emotional bond, his other male friends would probably label him a sissy. So, if men were having sex just because “it feels good”, why would he not be trashy?

It may have to do with the maturity process. Women mature quicker than men. So if a girl were to be called a slut for having sex with some guy, it’s probably because her choice was “unwise” or “immature”.

EDIT: I really like how rockstrr_bby stated it! I’m going to look up that song! :)

Answer #2

I think that guys are very simple people I am. so high five you got laid awesome. But really its just another way of saying Im insecure with showing my true feelings so Ill hide it behind masculinity. And the girl get the short end of the stick because they have the guts to put themselves out there and usually( sad to say) but if you give something your all. You get more dissappointed then guys who just did it for the sex. But it doesnt excuse the name calling

Answer #3

Its like the christina aguliera song

If you look back in history Its a common double standard of society The guy gets all the glory the more he can score While the girl can do the same and yet you call her a whor*

I dont understand why its okay The guy can get away with it & the girl gets named All my ladies come together and make a change Start a new beginning for us everybody sing

I guess its because us girls are suppose too be a LADY and respect her self instead of just givin your self up

And for the guys I guess the more you get the more popular you are I don’t know

Answer #4

to be called a slag for having sex is just wrong but getting high fives for it is also its just something that ist correct but the truth would be that guys get hight fives because its like scorring on another girls 0r girls

Answer #5

Because girls are beautiful and elegant…and should care about being called a slut.

Guys just…aren’t. That’s just the way life is. It will never change, so you have to adapt to it by being careful who you sleep with.

Answer #6

boys high five because they tricked the girl to do itt. & girls because theyre retarded for believinq the guy.

Answer #7

In my opinion its because females are seen as the sex supposedly more careful and self concious so if they behave out of the ordinary name calling is usually the way people deal with it. Males however see sex especially as a way to prove their masculinity and likeness…if they score they’d have 2 b proving something because they see females as the smarter superior ones (not actually knowing this hehe) so of course they get hi-5’s its like theyve passed a test that super hard. Whereas girls its like you failed…just the way I see it tho :D

I say dont worry about it have fun and do watever you want haha

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