Why do all of my friends love my brother!?!?

Ugh! Every single one of my friends has a crush on my brother! It’s so annoying!

My brother is such a player, too. He already has like 3 girlfriends in different states, and even though I warn my friends, they don’t believe me and still like him anyways!

I’m sick of this! Today my “friend” called me, and I was really excited because we hadn’t talked in a while, and so I’m just saying the usual, you know, “how are you”, “what’s up?”, etc, and she was like “I’m fine, blah blah blah, can I talk to your brother?”

Ahhh!!! What the f!!! Save me from this! I need normal friends!

Answer #1

It’s not your fault if you have a HOT brother! but, if your friends can’t see that it upsets you the way they are so obsessed with him, then they aren’t your true friends.. I say you should tell them that it really annoys you and you feel like they’re using you just to get closer to your brother and see if anything improves? If it doesn’t get better, then you might have to find yourself some new friends. Because the ones you have at the minute don’t seem very loyal. x

Answer #2

So they like him, so what? Teenagers are meant to have stupid infatuations. They are not allowed to use you to get to him though. So tell them that. And hey, if he dates and dumps them, that’s their problem. You warned them.

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