Why disciplining of student should not start at home?

Can anyone please help give me some points and explain cause I dont really understand the motion and im supposed to turn it in this monday..

Answer #1

Some parents might not discipline their kids correctly, so when the child gets into school they might act up and disrupt other students that have been disciplined properly.

I don’t really agree with that. How can parents NOT discipline their kids? I mean, are they just supposed to let their little 4-year-olds run around and do whatever they want? Your right, it is a strange question.

Answer #2

If you don’t discipline your kids at home, they will eventually be the boss of the house. The parent is responsible for their child. If the child misbehaves, then punish your child, whether its time outs,spanking (my choice) or some other form of punishments. Act like an adult and do your duty, take control of your kids.

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