Why did my crush kiss me

Out of no where my crush kissed me, I dont even think he likes me, so why would he kiss me any ideas? if I was to ask he'd say dunno :|

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Dunoo, Maybe he wanted abit of fun? :S.. but he did say Thats it. it was New years, so maybe he was just giving me a little Treate? he doesnt Act like he likes me :( sumtimes when we talk online I feel like he doesnt want to talk to me att all

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Clear things up with him by talking to him about it, it's the only way you'll find out. Otherwise it's just going to boggle your mind.

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awh thats cute. he probably does like you and maybe hes just too scared to admit it? if he didnt like you I dont know why he would kiss you

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I do and have tried to talk to him, he just says we've spoke about this before Wait til your 16 than ill tell you wot I think Ect ;/

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ye but what if he didnt want abit of fun? and he ment somthing of it, its all confusing :| .

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Why would he kiss you if he doesn't like you? That doesn't make sense, he probably does...

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Well then you need to tell him it was wrong to lead you on like that.

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maybe he likes you back my crish kissed me today at school i was really happy but it left me confused if he liked me back :P

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