why did my boyfriend cheat on me?

Me and my ex boyfriend had been together for a year and 4mnths…the first 9mths he cheated on me and said its not true then the relationship keep going down a drain..we broke in august and he got a girlfriend in september or october and he is wit the girl he cheated on me wit…did he really love me???

Answer #1

My dear, I’m sorry but he probably didn’t love you and he’s not worth it. I have been through similar relationships. Some guys are just horrible.

Answer #2

I’m sorry but he didn’t. He was a royal prick for that. The guy to me is incapable of love and just wants to have a girl. He’s probably gonna cheat on this new one too.

Listen if you knew he cheated on you, yet never admitted to it, that probably means he is continuing to do it. That’s when you should have cut it off then. He’s a jerk and will hurt girls with no remorse. You’ll be a better girl without him. Trust me.

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