Why did I have pink discharge after intercourse?

My boyfriend and I had sex lastnight and when he pulled out the condom had what appeared to be blood and there was some on the sheets. Even though I thought it was my period. The fact that the blood was pink threw me off because my period blood has always been red or brown, not this light pink.

I was like to him “oh maybe it’s my period starting” because I am expecting it. So we cleaned up and I put a pad on, this was last night and there has been absolutely no discharge since then.

I don’t have an STD I was tested a week into our relationship because we had a scare. Thank goodness he didn’t get all grossed out about it last night because we have a tight relationship so we kind of just deal with situations like that.

What could it have been? I’ve been sexually active for ~4 years and I’ve never seen this pink blood, especially after having sex. It wasn’t even rough and we used lube so I don’t think anything was torn in there, I’m not at all sore.

Answer #1

when you have rough sex the penis can aggarvate the cervix and cause you to spot bleed.

One other thing your period.

And second Implanation bleeding (Pregnant)

Answer #2

I’ve had that happen when I was younger and I was told it was spotting which is normal. If it happens every single time, it is not normal. Spotting between periods is not unusual.

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