Why did i have a dream of him kissing someone

Okay, Soo.. I've had a crush for 2years and never had dreams like this..
it all started when we was in hes Work place(games workshop) and then it was left with me and some other girl. and then it was lunch time, and went out, for lunch, Like mac donnal and I was just with a few of mates then I was standing at the food counter fu*king about with my straw and drink., and my crush was siting on this table with some blonde girl and she was flirting with him touching her hairr, and then my crush said something and stared in her eyes, and then, she flirted with him by touching her hair again, and then she put her hands through hes hair, and then they kissed then my crush sort of pulled away, butt was still sitting there with her!. I just standed like nothing happend then woke up
I cant get my head around it, why am I having Dreams like this for all of a sudden?

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when you dream of kissing somebody it does not always mean what you dream , my recollection of dreams like that usually mean change , like something new or you are going to experience change in your life.

google dreaming dictionarys they will help interpret your dreams

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