Why did he stop? did he cum?

I was with my boyfriend last week and after a lot of kissing etc, I undid his jeans and was touching his penis through his underwear. then after a few minutes, he seemed to want to stop cause he sat up and wasnt all over me (kissing and stuff) like he usually is. I thought it felt a bit wet but I wasnt really sure and I thought maybe it was just precum but now im thinking maybe he came and didnt want me to know? or did he just not want me to touch him? :S

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al these sex questions are making me fee as if being a virgin at 15 is wrong -_-

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Maybe you should talk to him about it? Ask if there was something wrong but make him feel comfortable first.

Is he a virgin? Have you ever touched his penis before? Has he? Is he a shy guy?

The answer to these questions can help us understand so we can help you better.

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agreed ^ ^ haha

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Well handled, mkI87. :-)

how does a girl cum? what does cum mean?

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