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Why did he lean his head on mine?

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the guy I like, and the guy who everyone thinks likes me
has been letting me lean on his shoulder. And when I did, he leaned his head on mine. and
another time when I was leaning on his shoulder he played with my hand and just tickled it lightly.

He has been holding my hand a lot recently.
yesterday in the car when we were going to go pick up chipotle for friends
he was driving and was holding my hand with one of his hands while driving

He and I make eye contact a lot and he smiles when we do.
He has also been hugging me a lot too.
:) he gives me big hugs when I ask for them, and he gives me random side hugs too when I least expect them
I'm the only one who can poke him and have him tickle me back, and I'm the only girl who he'll hug, and hold hands with :)
He has my ipod and has been listening to it lately
he has never had a girlfriend before, and hes not a player at all
we talk a lot on the phone and text, and he once even stood outside in the cold to get good signal
to talk to me for over an hour
He has introduced me to his three best friends and two said that I would be good for the guy I like.

he has asked to hang out before with him and his friends, and he even came to pick me up at my house which is in the opposite direction of where we were going.

everyone thinks that he likes me, and I do like him back.
even his best friend is starting to think that he does.
he teases me a ton and has his own nickname for me
So what do you think? are these signs? and do you think he is interested?