Why did he kiss me?

My best friend and I went out like four times in all. He dumped me all four
times. But I still love him a lot. I don't know what to do. And just about
a couple of days ago he kissed me twice on the lips for like five minutes
for each one. And it was my first kiss and his too. I don't understand it.
I still love him, but I don't know if he feels the same. Cause when I asked
him he was like no, but why did he kiss me then? What do you think?

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Ok, I tried ur advice, but he won't say way. So what should I do now??

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I agree with katie_ere, only way to really know is if you ask him.

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i think he just wanted to no how it felt maybe so he doesn't think of it as a kiss

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first of all i hope you didnt tell him that you loved him, if you did then just tell him that you decided you dont anymore. Saying that you love him and him not saying it back just makes you look stupid, and no one wants that. i dont know how old you are but if it was your first kiss then he probably doesnt love you anyways, and you most likely dont love him either. You dated four different times and he broke up with you four times?? move on, find someone new, hot, and better, then you wont be thinking so much about this silly boy that wastes a beautiful girls time.

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Ask him why did he kiss you

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sounds like a faorytale type of thing to me. dont listen to them. ^^^
i think he still just hasnt figured out his feelings for you yet and at that given moment they were stronger than other times. keep your eyes open for more signs. it'll turn out how it's supposed to. good luck :)

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*fairytale :P

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