Why did he do it??

my ex today at the dance bet that I would dance with him okay not bad but I did just messing around with him well he grabed me to give me a hug an I pushed him away well he grip me tighter!!! then he tried to hug me again then he tried to hold my and I pushed him away when he told me that he knew that I wanted to get bck together with him when I dont but anyway I said yeah right in like a million years and then he said he wanted to be just friends and then he tried to hug me and hold me close to him again and I puched him away and walked off!! So why did he do that?? Why did he bet I would dance and that I wanted to go back out with hiM?? Does he know that I was just kiding?? And am I blowing it out of contorl? BTW he told everyone that I asked him bck out when I didnt

Answer #1

Heh…high school kids and drama drama drama. Did you not know that boys in high school play these stupid little games? It’s best to let it go.

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