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Why does he text me and then ignore me?

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Okay, so I've had a crush on this guy I work with since August of this year, for awhile he didn't even pay attention to me, so I got to liking him even more, I used to love to go to work, and my work sucks. Then, he broke up with his girlfriend of one year. Then he started to pay a lot of attention to me, he always joked around about us going out and how much he liked me, I knew he was joking for awhile, then he started to get serious, asking for my number and then asking me to hang out, long story short, he made it plain for me to see he liked me. Well no sooner than he asked for my number, he had a new girlfriend, and it wasn't me, now not to be egocentric, but I was way cuter than her. About two weeks later they were over and he told me he liked me that way. So more time went by and I gave him my number about two months later, and he asked me to hang out, two weeks went by and we were about to hang out, I liked him so much by this point, then I texted him asking him when we were gonna hang out, and he replied telling me he had a girlfriend??? Okay wtf, can someone please explain why he did it, and do feelings just disappear like that, he texted me till two in the morning one night telling me how much he liked me, now hes with someone else he says he likes a lot???
So if he breaks up with her I really want to give him another chance, cause I still like him a lot, should I???