Why does he text me and then ignore me?

Okay, so I've had a crush on this guy I work with since August of this year, for awhile he didn't even pay attention to me, so I got to liking him even more, I used to love to go to work, and my work sucks. Then, he broke up with his girlfriend of one year. Then he started to pay a lot of attention to me, he always joked around about us going out and how much he liked me, I knew he was joking for awhile, then he started to get serious, asking for my number and then asking me to hang out, long story short, he made it plain for me to see he liked me. Well no sooner than he asked for my number, he had a new girlfriend, and it wasn't me, now not to be egocentric, but I was way cuter than her. About two weeks later they were over and he told me he liked me that way. So more time went by and I gave him my number about two months later, and he asked me to hang out, two weeks went by and we were about to hang out, I liked him so much by this point, then I texted him asking him when we were gonna hang out, and he replied telling me he had a girlfriend??? Okay wtf, can someone please explain why he did it, and do feelings just disappear like that, he texted me till two in the morning one night telling me how much he liked me, now hes with someone else he says he likes a lot???
So if he breaks up with her I really want to give him another chance, cause I still like him a lot, should I???

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he has passive-agressive tendencies...google it if you don't know what it means...and then, don't walk away from him...RUN!!!

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you don't need him. just pretend you don't care. go find another guy. a club is the best place.

actually maybe take him to a club witha bunch of co-workers or friends, and kinda ignore him and dance with some other good looking or sexy guy! then if he asks why you did it, says 'oh well I thought you had a girlfriend so I thought it was okay. sorry' then walk away

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Oh yes he likes you, but doesn't like you ENOUGH to make you his girlfriend. So DO NOT Waste time on him. He could be just fun or good for hanging around, as A FRIEND. Yes he would definitely sweet talk to you continuously. But he is probably doing the same to other girls too. Just take the credit but don't take his words seriously, don't fall into his trap. Or if you wanna make it clear, tell him you have boyfriend and ask him not to call you anymore, he might be fussy about it, but depend will he care enough to want you back or not. But if even you both finally be together, I can tell it won't last for long, just like his previous relationships. Because he himself doesn't sure what he wants.

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He sounds very confused and must have some insecurity issues...(been there)

Some guys and gals just can't stand to be alone and they grab whoever is there at the time and just cling....it will not last with this girl.

He basically just hooked up in a relationship because he didn't give any time to heal the void after being a full year relationship...guys need time so if he does breakup with this girl DO NOT GO TO HIM as soon as he calls you...and don't be waiting around for him either...he needs space...and you both need to talk out what had just happened between you and what was the deal...all the texts..all the i like yous........ he needs do be able to spend time on his own...do work on the communications first before rushing into a relationship with him cuz hes emotionally insecure... but hopefully for you...someone else will come along so you won't have to deal with him...good luck...go out and have fun...if its meant it will happen on its own.

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I think you two need to hav a chat.you can text him and be like "Do yo ulike me or not, cuz it seems like every time we're about to hang out you get a gf.am i intimidating you?Whats the deal?!"You shud be able to get a straight answer from him.hope it helps!!good luck!

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He ignores you because he's shy to speak to you around friends.Maybe ask him to meet you somwhere where you two can't be seen togther and then keep going till he finds the corage to tell you

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sounds like he wanted sex from you and you didnt give to him so he moved on, when that was over he ran back to you thinking he was going to get some. Drama already leave him the hell alone, to many other people out there.

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