Why can't i finish in bed?

I haven't been able to have and orgasm ever and now I have been with my boyfriend for around 2 years...I don't know what to do or tell him cause I am attracted to him and love him but I don't want to lie about having an orgasm anymore, I want to cum. I know this can mean different things in different girls but, any advise for me??PLEASE

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try toys or handcuffs and a blindfold or roleplay is always good like hes a cop and ur the bad gurl..its kinky!! lets see what else.....is he not lasting long enough? is he too small haha tht could be his problem....tell him to take sum penis pills or buy sum for him and put it sumwhere where he can find it only and hel start taking it and youl have results in 3 months or sooner..u should commpliment him more about his penis and hel fill more of a guy and hel fill more able to take control and get to his potential in the bed room also the both of u should talk and scream during sex and communicate w/each other!!
or if the both of u are real secure about ur relationship find a 3rd partner either guy or gurl?

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sometimes you have to learn to please yourself so someone please you. maybe you think about other things when your doing the do. just live in the moment. i would not tell your boyfriend thats to much for a man. try thinking about sex all day and how bad you want to feel good. don't think about anything but yourself and get yours. i like the cowgirl it work for me.oh porn is helpful.

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You would need some experence with other boys, too.

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try other guys or mabye a 3 sum? i thinks its real Hot!

what's the kinkiest thing you've ever done in bed with someone?

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