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Why cant I find music in library on itunes?

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I want to get rid of the crap songs that are on my ipod nano, its the new one with the video camera on it. I used my dads computer to load it and he unistalled it, by accident, so does that mean that it deleted my music too? I have reinstalled it and the only thing it shows is the music that I just imported a few minutes ago. I have over 539 songs and I have read what others have said and I click on the sync music box and this is what it tells me : "are you sure you want to sync music? All existing music on the iopd "my name" will be removed and replaced with songs and playlists from the itunes library"...umm I dont want to lose all my songs and gain the new ones I just imported from cd's...what am I missing.. Please help, im going in sane!! Thanks!