Why cant I cum during sex with my husband?

Well when I have sex with him it feals good real good but I just dont get to cum I cum may be ever 1 out of 10 times I need help if you know what to do please tell me

Answer #1

its actually really commen for girls not to cum everytime they have sex. does he ever rub your clit at the same time you guys are doing it? if not then try that. its almost impossible for a lot of girls to cum unless the clit is being penatrated as well.

Answer #2

The clit can not be penatrated ever, I think samigirl meant stimulated. The clit is not a hole that anything goes into…ericarassner you probably already know this I added that for samigirl. If he is not too large, try riding him back and forth letting your clit rub his lower stomach while on top and if you hit the right spot, you should cum everytime. Also make sure you go slow heading up to your husbands climax because once they go it’s mostly over, so don’t get him too worked up that way you can cum with him or right before him to ensure you will get your O. I do this w my boyfriend I just tell him I’m going to cum in like 2 mins do not go yet! haha

Answer #3

yes sexy and sweet21 thats what I meant haha thanks for the correction.

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