Why can't I find a guy to be with?

Why cant I just find a guy to be with me? Respectful or not? I been trying and I hate seeing other people with boyfriend’s and girlfriend’s its getting really annoying. I havent been on a date in 2 years. What can I do? Its really annoying. I see everyone and Then Valentine’s day is coming up and everyone is loving on each other more and kissing more. I hate Valentines day because of it. I never got anything on valentines day . Help me I dont know how to get a date

Answer #1

You said…

Why can’t I find a guy to be with me…respectful or not.

Sweetie, you don’t want to find a guy that is NOT respectful. The thing is, sometimes it takes a little longer to find that right person. There is someone out there for everyone. I know it sounds cheesy but it’s true. Just be patient. I know it can be hard to see everyone else being so lovey dovey, but you know what? Lots of times there is no real love between those people. Lots of people are shallow in this world. Just wait on the person that is right for you. Are you putting yourself out there where you’d have a chance to meet someone nice? Do you belong to any clubs or volunteer for anything? Try not to be shy…go up to people and be nice and introduce yourself. Make sure you avail yourself to others if they need help. In other words show your beauty inside and out to everyone. I know you will find someone soon. Sometimes it means so much more when you have to wait for what you want. Good luck, sweetie. :)

Answer #3

u got issues

desperate will not get you a respectful guy

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