Why can't I forget him?

why is it so hard to forget about someone who doesnt feel the same way about u?there is this boy I love and he doesnt know I exist!

Answer #1

bc you’re letting the memories lurk around in your brain and memories are the hardest thing to forget when it’s all you have.

Answer #2

Because you really had strong feelings for him. You have to move on, find someone else then you will be able to get over him. Have you told him how you feel?

hope I helped, xoxo :)

Answer #3

I have been through that a lot. I know how you feel. But try to someone better looking and you will forget about him. Not completly but it will be better!!! ;)

Answer #4

don’t give up, girl! Make SURE he knows who you are, find the right time and make yourself known. Get to know each other and become friends. That’s the foundation for any solid relationship. Go get him, you know you can! :)

Peace & Love


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