Why can't i sleep?

every night I am wide awake. at least until around eight ish in the morning. then I just pass out because I am so exhausted. but I CAN NOT just fall asleep anymore. why? why me? why do I have to be awake all night, and it's not just being physically awake, my mind is racing. thoughts just running through my head. and the whole time I know that I am tired, but I just can't sleep.

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sounds like you have developed a nocturnal sleeping habit, and because your panicking about not being able to sleep it's a bit of a self fullfilling prophacy!

ok, when you feel like you want to sleep then simply don't...and in the late afternoon you will be wiped completly...

about 7pm start your 'sleep pattern'. have a nice warm bath, really relaxing, then make sure your room is a comfortable tempreture, and get into bed. avoid all caffeine containing drinks from early morning...and get into bed. don't watch stimulating tv or listen to music thats going to stimulate you...or even read something stimulating. have low lighting in your room and read something your going to find interesting enough to want to read, but not enough so your compleed to turn the page over and find out whats happening next.

you've got into a really bad sleep pattern, but fretting over it is only going to make it worse! get 'paul mckenna's - I can make you sleep' book. it's really good, and examines a lot of the problems you're having and ways to get over them.

good luck! x

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ok I now how you feel, I am the same way right now. what you need to do is take some nyquil, lay in your bed, and think of all positive things and I know yo will fall asleep!

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thank you all for your advice! I am excited to begin using your tips! and I am still open to any more opinions too. I'm willing to try anything to get myself back into a regular sleeping pattern again. =]

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I am exactly the same! It's eleven am here right now, and I didn't sleep last night. I've bought some herbal remedy pills that help you sleep, I'm gonna start taking them tonight. It may be caused by anxiety like me or stress. I went to the doctor and he prescribed me anti anxiety pills. Firstly try the herbal remedy, if that doesn't work after a few days then go and visit your doctor who will be able to tell you the cause of your insomnia

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I've found that taking a Melatonin pill shortly before bed helps a lot. It is available at your local health food store, is non-habit forming, and is a natural substance in the body so it is not harmful.

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