Why can't I finger myself?

My finger just doesn’t go in. I have the same issue with tampons. What could it be?

Answer #1

I used to be like that.. It just takes practice to get yourself loosened up. As far tampons, putting a little bit of baby oil on the applicater should help it go in.

Answer #2

tight tight tight. everygirl is like that you gotta loosen yourself up with some work. but you might not be able to put your finger all the way for a while. You might have to pop your hymen or if you have sex it would most likely get popped.

Answer #3

Maybe You’re Being A Little Too Rough Around Your Vagina, You Have To Be Properly Lubricated ( Wet , Or Moist ) For It To Work . What You Do To Do That Is Rub Two Fingers Around And On Your Clit In Circular Motions , If You Do This Properly You Should Be Wet In No Time ! Another Way Is To Go In The Shower, Get On Your Back And Let The Water Fall On Your Vagina. It Feels Great! :D Another Thing You Can Do Is Spit On Your Vagina, But I Don’t Really Like That . If This Is The First Time You Fingered Yourself, It Might Be Hard Putting Any Fingers In Your Vagina Hole, So What I Would Do Is Get A Mascara Bottle And Use That. If Your Vagina Hole Isn’t Too Tight Try Putting A Finger In There And Do The “Come Here” Motion While Inside Your Vagina, That Should Start You Off With An Orgasm . Another Sex Toy You Can Use Is An Electric Toothbrush, This Gives You The Pleasure That A Vibrator Would Give You. When You Finger Yourself You Want To Be In A Room Where No One Is Going To Bother You, If It Had A Lock Even Better ! Find A Comfy Spot Like Your Bed A Chair Or The Ground, And Start Masterbating . Trust Me You’ll Want To Do It Again And Again. I’m Only 14 And All I Gotta Say Is I Love Fingering Myself And Giving Myself Orgasms. It’s Better Than Having Real Sex ! Hope This Helped !

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