Why-- attractiveness iressitable to emo girls?

Why do so many people have different atractive weeknesses? Like for example I can’not resist emo girls, I don’t know why, to me they are just hot. I am a gothic and to me it looks like emos and gothic don’t go well together. I am an emo want to be but I’m just gothic, and emp girls don’t like me, because I’m not attractive, in their perspective. I don’t look like a goth but I dress like 1 and I am 1. Could the emo girls like me if is was buffer or skinnier, because I am over weight but I’m working on it. please help meh.

Answer #1

how about you find someone that likes you for you? If all you care about is looks then you arent going to have a long relationship…

Answer #2

well.if both they and you care so much about how you look rather than the way you really are,then go ahead and be emo,if that’s all you care about

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