Why aren't i receiving txts?

My phone is pretty new, I got it just before Christmas, and the last 2 weeks I have been unable to receive messages. What could be wrong with it?
We have tested it like sent a few messages to it and they don't come through at all. By the way, Its a Vodafone 541 if that helps. Everything else seems to be working fine. Could it be my sim card? I've had the sim card for about 3 years.

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Your phone may be having a software issue. Try resetting/rebooting it --> go to options, setting/configuration, and reset (restore default settings) your cell. If this option is not available in the menu, try removing the battery and then put it back.

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call 611 I think thts the number. my phone did the same thing too.

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yep, check the sim card. and take it to a vodphne shop

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