Why are the jonas brothers a band because I think they are ugly?

Jonas brothers are kinda ugly and they stink explain to me why they are a band theyre not even that good those losers

Answer #1

they’re not really hot like Zac Efron !!! they aren’t cool !!! I think that they have just cool style !!! and they can sing !!! P.S I hate kevin jonas hes the ugliest guy which I ever seen !!!

Answer #2

Musical talent isn’t based on looks…

They’re not great, but I think they could’ve been okay if they hadn’t gone through the Disney funnel. A lot of Disney stars have minimal talent, but young kids like them, and that’s what they’re there for.

The one who went solo actually isn’t that bad. He sounds very…not Disney.

Answer #3

I don’t know..I dont even listen to their music.. and they really aren’t that cute.. at all..:) lol

Answer #4

You’re right. They have no talent. They don’t need talent though, they have Disney.

If you’re in Disneys pocket, it doesn’t matter if you suck or not. Disney has canned fans who automatically love anything Disney produces. Jonas Bros, Miley Cyrus… If it weren’t for Disney, they’d all be faces in the crowd.

Answer #5

I can’t say I don’t like them, I just don’t find the type of music they make suitable to me. As for the reason they’re a band is because the producer happened to acknowledge that they had talent, whether you appreciate it or not they are now a very famous band.

Answer #6

I do not like them either their ugly and noisy and they kinda suck

Answer #7


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